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Driving with a blood-alcohol content over the legal limit is a crime that can, and often does, happen by accident. For this and other reasons, Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is one of the most commonly charged offenses in Louisiana. But sentencing for a conviction is no slap on the wrist. It can result in steep fines, jail time and suspension of your driver’s license. This is in addition to public embarrassment, the threat of job loss and other noncriminal consequences.

If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving in South Louisiana, turn to Max J. Koeck IV, LLC, Attorney and Counselor at Law, for tough, tenacious defense representation. I have spent over a decade helping good people who are facing a bad situation, and I can help you, too.

Factors Influencing Charges And Sentencing

For any impaired driving offense in Louisiana, the potential sentence will depend on the alleged details of the incident and other factors. These include:

  • Your measured blood-alcohol content (BAC)
  • Whether you have prior DWI convictions on your record and how recently those convictions occurred
  • Whether you allegedly refused a breathalyzer test
  • Whether there were aggravating factors, such as being in an accident that caused injury or death or driving with a minor passenger in the vehicle

DWI can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. Because these cases are time-sensitive, it is important to seek legal counsel as soon as reasonably possible. When brought in early, I may be positioned to argue for a reduction or dismissal of the charges and more reasonable bail terms. At the very least, I can immediately begin work on your defense strategy.

Will You Lose Your Driver’s License?

If you refused to submit to a blood-alcohol test or took one and failed, the arresting officer in your case will seize your driver’s license. You have just 30 days from the day you were arrested to request an administrative license hearing to challenge the validity of the administrative suspension. As your attorney, I can represent you in any criminal matters related to your DWI arrest as well as at this administrative hearing.

A license suspension is also likely to be a consequence of a DWI conviction. Although you will lose your driving privileges for some of that suspension period, I can help you apply for a hardship license as soon as one is available in your case. A hardship license allows limited driving privileges for essential transportation like getting to work.

Typically, one of the conditions of obtaining a hardship license is the installation of an ignition interlock device, which is essentially a breathalyzer built into your vehicle. The vehicle will not start unless the driver can pass a breath-alcohol test. There are numerous costs associated with the installation and servicing of an IID, and you’ll need to consider these when applying for a hardship license.

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While this site contains general information about Louisiana’s DWI laws and penalties, there is no substitute for a personalized assessment of your case from an experienced attorney. You may have options that weren’t discussed here. To speak to me about your rights and legal options, contact Max J. Koeck IV, LLC, Attorney and Counselor at Law, to schedule an initial consultation. You can reach out online or call 504-445-4820.