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If you’re in a situation that requires an attorney, you are likely experiencing stress and feeling like life is out of control. The reassuring news is that you don’t have to face these problems alone. The right lawyer can make a positive difference in your case and give you peace of mind. In South Louisiana, you can find the help you’ve been looking for at Max J. Koeck IV, LLC, Attorney and Counselor at Law.

I am firm founder Max J. Koeck IV an attorney with over a decade of legal and courtroom experience. I received my Bachelor of Science in Management from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University in New Orleans, then went on to earn my Juris Doctor from Loyola New Orleans University College of Law. I finished my legal training and earned a Master of Laws in Admiralty from Tulane Law School.

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Strategic, Informed Defense Representation Against An Array Of Criminal Charges

Over the course of my career, I have represented clients facing a wide variety of criminal charges, from DUIs and drug offenses to violent crimes and white collar crimes. I have an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system and I am committed to protecting the rights of my clients at every stage of the legal process.

I have earned a reputation for my relentless work ethic and ability to craft effective legal strategies tailored to the specific needs of each client. I also have a track record of achieving favorable outcomes for my clients, both in and out of court. Whether negotiating plea deals or fighting for acquittals at trial, I am a fierce advocate who always puts my clients’ interests first.

Let Me Help You Seek Compensation And Accountability After A Serious Injury Or Major Property Loss

Each year in Louisiana, thousands of people are seriously injured by dangerous drivers and others who behave recklessly. If your life was turned upside down by a motor vehicle crash or another type of accident, I am ready to protect your rights and to fight for the full and fair compensation you deserve.

I also represent homeowners in disputes with insurance companies about paying storm damage claims. If your house was severely damaged or destroyed by a hurricane, your insurance company may be trying to shirk its responsibility to you as a policyholder. I understand the tactics insurers use to delay and deny claims, and I am prepared to take on this dispute so that you can focus on taking care of yourself and your family.

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If you are in need of dedicated legal advocacy in South Louisiana, I am the attorney you want by your side. To schedule a consultation and take charge of your legal situation and future, contact Max J. Koeck IV, LLC, Attorney and Counselor at Law, in Metairie by calling 504-445-4820. You can also submit an online contact form.